Helpful Holiday Tips for Parents of Young Children with Special Needs


By Elyssa Yeh, MA, R-DMT

Welp, it is definitely a busy time of year right now! I know I am feeling and experiencing some of the stress and frenzy as my schedule gets a little wackier and the family plans quickly accumulate.

I wanted to share some warm and friendly reminders and tips about being sensitive and mindful of the youngsters out there who have special needs. If I am feeling some of the effects of the jubilation and holiday pandemonium, I have a feeling there are others who may be experiencing it as well, perhaps on a greater scale.

·      First, The Special School District of St. Louis County has presented 10 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress for Children reminding us grown-ups that stress can often be intensified for children with special needs. Therefore, it is critical to be proactive by recognizing how and what about the holiday season may lead to a stress response in your child.

·      The Indiana Resource Center for Autism provided an informative article title, Making the Most of the Holidays for Your Family and Your Son/Daughter on the Autism Spectrum that affirms some of the challenges you and your child may encounter during this time of year. They have given 25 tips to, hopefully, make your holiday season inclusive and more enjoyable for everyone.

Take a look, and let us know what you and your child struggle with during the holidays and how you used any of these helpful tips in the comments below or on Instagram @_thegroove_