#NewYearNewOpportunities: New Year’s Resolution Activities for Families with Young Children


Elyssa Yeh, MA, R-DMT

Happy (almost) New Year! The time has come to wrap up 2018 and prepare to transition into 2019, which means it is also time to reflect on your year as a family and set intentions for the New Year!

We have created a fun and interactive Family Reflection Worksheet for your family to look back on your 2018, and make some resolutions for 2019!

First: Download and print the Family Reflection & Intention Setting Guide, and grab some coloring and writing utensils to complete the worksheet as a family.

Family Reflection Worksheet.jpg

Next: As a family, take some time to talk about the happy, fun, tough, and memorable times that made 2018 unique and special for you all. You can use the Let’s Share Our Thoughts! question prompts to get the conversation started. Remember, these questions are simply guiding questions. If your child has a difficult time understanding a prompt, reframe it so they can respond or skip it, and allow your family discussion to flow freely!

Then: Use the Let’s Reflect on the Year! Worksheet to create a mural of words and pictures that visually presents the memories your family created in 2018. If your child’s little hands have a hard time using this smaller version, create a larger one with a blank piece of paper that has been folded into fourths and labeled with the four seasons.

Movement Challenge: Create a family dance that reflects and honors your 2018 story together! Maybe you choose to use your favorite song from 2018 for your dance or no music at all, and you all narrate and act out your reflections from 2018.

Finally: Use the Let’s set some goals for next year! Worksheet to fill in the blanks. Complete this for each member of the family. If your kids can’t fill this out on their own, allow them to verbally respond while you write their responses in the blanks!

Pro-Tip: Keep these goals somewhere visible in your home, so you can reference and review them often throughout 2019!

And, of course, we would love to hear about your family reflections and resolutions in the comments below or on our Instagram @_thegroove_

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from The Groove family to yours! We’ll see you all next year, cheers!