Holidays Around the World: Holiday and Winter Crafts for Young Children


By Elyssa Yeh, MA, R-DMT

This holiday season is in full swing for many different cultures around the world, and it truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. With all of the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feels of the holidays, it is a great time to get creative and crafty as you connect and learn with your kiddos.

Below, I have listed a few links to some fun ideas that you and your child can do together to celebrate winter and a few different holidays from all over the globe in your home, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

These activities are great for calming the chaos in your home as this time of year can become quite busy and stimulating! They can also help you and your child to play with sensory exploration, socialize and connect, explore with your creativity and imaginations, and so much more! Some of my favorite ways to do all of these are…

  • Using the advent calendars you and your child make to help your kiddo visualize and anticipate the holidays with something tangible

  • Refocusing and redirecting attention with the holiday snow globes you all put together

  • Exploring the different textures, smells, and tastes of baking and cooking together

  • Making sensory games by guessing what different crafts are, such as pom pom ornaments, indoor snowballs, fruit ornaments, pinecones, necklaces, woven fabric, dreidels, gold coins, candy canes and marshmallows using your senses

  • Acting out your family’s favorite holiday stories and events by bringing them to life with crafty props and costumes

  • Sharing your creations as gifts of gratitude for friends, mentors, and teachers

  • Instilling pride and joy in your kiddos as you display and present the personalized wrapping paper, holiday cards, centerpieces, and winter and holiday décor you and your kiddo have made

Though this may be a busy time of year for you and your family,the holiday season is my favorite time of year because it is the perfect time to bring joy into the home with inspired crafts and activities that promote learning, curiosity, play, and connection. Merry crafting, my friends!

I would love to see all of your final crafty creations this holiday season by sharing your comments and pictures with us in the comments below or on Instagram @_thegroove_.