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Bring your living room to life.

Break out of your winter slump with activities that spark your family’s imagination in 15 minutes or less!


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What You’re Getting

Online access to research-driven dance practices, with 3 new family-friendly activities hitting your inbox every month.

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  • Membership in our online community of families
  • Bonus interviews, articles, and other parenting resources

  • Access to your growing video library of previous month’s activities

New Let's Boogie Boxes Delivered every month with crafts and worksheets that bring your dance activities to life.

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  • Hands-on activities and crafts complementing each month's featured dance practices
  • Activity guides outlining best practices in your home
  • Worksheets that guide your family through meaningful conversations, funny stories, emotional management strategies, and dinner table prompts
  • Bonus activities that tap into your child's creativity, mindfulness, and cognitive growth

See how dance helps your family become more mindful!

See how movement sparks creativity in your family!

See you how you boost cognitive growth at home through daily dance activities!


Ready to bring your living room to life?