Let's Move: Snowman Sing-A-Long

For kids ages 2-6, giving directions and moving their bodies communicates better when delivered through music and song. This week, practice telling a story, controlling the volume and tempo of your voices, and building fine-motor skills with this silly Snowman Sing-A-Long. Learn the song and the movements, then try singing the story on your own at home!

When: This activity is great when kids need something to do while waiting in line at the store or sitting in the car at the gas station. It helps kids stay focused when you've got a little extra few minutes on your hands and their bodies just want to wiggle!

Where: Anywhere! This sing-a-long can be done at home, at a restaurant, in the car, you name it!

Pro-Tip: Once you've got the story and movements down. Try singing it really fast, really slow, really loud or really quiet to switch it up.

You got this!