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Welcome to The Groove!  

We believe the magic of dance doesn’t just happen in a leotard - it happens on wedding dance floors, road trip sing-alongs, and during living room jam sessions.

Let's Have Some Fun!




The Groove is powered by Design Dance - a team of professional dancers teaching courage, connection, and self-awareness through dance to over 12,000 students in hundreds of K-12 classrooms since 2008.  

The Groove family programs bring our tried and true methods for growing healthy, smart, creative kids into living rooms everywhere.

Our Story

In 2008, dance teacher Debra Giunta started a company called Design Dance to simply bring dance to more kids in her home city of Chicago. Starting with a $100 contribution from a friend and a teaching team of one she proudly launched with her first class of 3 super excited pre-school tap dancers.  While Debra’s dance background was rooted in traditional training at top Chicago dance studios, she soon realized that dance education had the power to teach more than high kicks and pirouettes - creative movement was a powerful tool for encouraging healthy child development.

Since then, Design Dance has grown to a team of over 40 dance education professionals and brought our classes to hundreds of K-12 classrooms.  We’ve watched our community of over 1500 students annually overcome anxiety, improve their school work, grow healthy relationships with their peers, and build healthy habits by discovering the simple joy of movement.  

What We Do

We started The Groove to empower parents everywhere with the tools to use movement with their families every day to create mindfulness, boost cognitive growth, and leverage the natural creativity of their children.  

Our monthly subscriptions teach you and your family movement activities that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.  You’ll learn simple practices to help your child move through anxiety and emotional outbursts, turn your living room into a space for creative exploration, and impart life-long healthy habits for your family.  

Meet The Team

 The Groove team is made up professional dancers, entrepreneurs, and classroom teachers on a mission to make movement part of every child’s daily life.  Let’s get to know each other! 

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